Our company's essential  long-term cooperation partners are food producing enterprises which in producing their own finished product use vegetable oil as basic raw stuff. They are mayonnaise and different sauces producers, chips, tinned fish produces, oil packers, mixed feed and other products producers.

Having discussed terms of delivery and payment to a client, we are ready to deliver different vegetable oils of practically any quantity. Oil can be delivered to our clients by the company-owned specialized transport for food stuffs intended tank. Customers who want to fill smaller containers and oil in small quantities, can do it in our warehouse, where the oil is loaded into their own containers.

For oil transportation from/to different destinations are used appropriate sea tankers, rail tanks, tank-trucks and speacialized tankers which are intended for liquid food transportation.

Delivery can be performed to almost any destination point of the world. It is possible owing to our long-term cooperation with many approved transport forwarding companies and experienced vessel brokers. Basically we sell vegetable oils in line with international trading INCOTERMS 2010 requirments, sea shipping on CIF and FOB requirments, guiding by FOSFA 53 and FOSFA 54 contracts.

We always give information and consultations to our constant customers about perspective changes and tendencies in a correspondent market segment.

Our firm concludes treaties of different kinds depending on a customer's wishes: valid for one occasion only, short-term and long-term agreements for the goods delivery. Long-term agreements for the goods delivery can be concluded even for the whole next year, half a year or a quarter at an invariable or "floating" price.

In contrast to vegetable oils, concluding contracts for the supply of molasses, we recommend customers to conclude contracts for the current season because molasses is a relatively cheap product which final price of more than half are delivery charges and taking into account the seasonality of the sugar industry (from September to January), for the customer is much more profitable to receive relatively cheap product at a fixed price of the year.
FEDIOL - The EU Vegetable Oil and Proteinmeal Industry
FOSFA - The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations
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